Hi all! πŸ€—

We would like to formally explain our blog. This blog was created as an English assignment. We will try to post every two weeks. Occasionally, we might post more often or not for an expansion of time. We hope all readers enjoy what we write. We write about what comes to our minds, usually lessons in class. We are students studying at a prestigious school and our professor sometimes requires us to write about a certain topic, though it may be broad. We understand that posts may be cliche, but we hope to be better writers though this experience of blogging. Most of the images we use are not by us and we thank the creators of those images. We would like to thank you for clicking on this site and taking time to read it. We would appreciate any feedback provided. Simply comment below or under any blog. In addition, please refrain from posting inappropriate comments or profanity. Again, thank you!


Creators of Jump Start the Moon πŸ˜‡πŸ˜‰πŸ˜Ž


UPDATE: Another school year comes to a close. As a result, we are no longer enrolled under the professor or class mentioned above. But, have no fear. Even though we are no longer in the class, we will still try to write posts and keep this site up and going! We appreciate any sort of support and let’s continue this journey!