Not About Honesty 

Viajando a por el mundo a velocidad lenta

Someone told me an interesting story. About society. About school. This someone (let’s call them Someone) told me about the testing they took as a child. This person wasn’t the best English speaker, even though they were born in the United States. Every summer, Someone went to a selected school and took a one-on-one test focused on speech. One summer, the administrator asked Someone whether they liked a jungle or space. That summer, Someone answered space. The follow-up question was what are three reasons why. Someone was very young at the time, still in the lower grades of elementary school. Honestly, Someone only said one reason: there were stars.

The next year, the administrator asked Someone the same question: jungle or space. This year around though, Someone chose jungle, because Someone knew that there were many more things Someone could name in a jungle. Someone passed the test, and didn’t have to take another one again.

Someone lied, but that test wasn’t about honesty; it was about showing your abilities. All tests ask for different displays. People want to see what you can do. If it matters to you, then show that person you can . . . because you can and it matters.


Hey everyone!

I’m starting a snippet series this summer. Just really short posts on interesting things going on in my life. Enjoy!

Out of fuel for now,


UPDATE: I have decided to take down the summer snippet series due to lack of content and originality. This post used to be called “Summer Snippet #1” and I have removed the two other posts in the series. Thank you for understanding.


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