Dancing in the Mirror


Step by step, she moves

Like rain her eyes reflect

And no one sees her dancing

No one hears the music


Arms in motion

Spinning and twirling

The beat is silent

But still, she moves



The hands on the clock

Ever in motion, softly ticking

She ignores it, closes her eyes

The memories crash like the ocean



Through the looking glass

The world lives on

Yet inside this hidden room

She is frozen, motionless



Each image a forgotten time

Each page carefully stitched into the book

But for all that she cared about her mind

The spine was made of glass



The room appears around her

Silent, but for the beat

Never-ending, but too short

Silence is relaxing, they say



She turns off the music

The beat still pounds through her

It’s getting faster, but she doesn’t care

A drop falls, but she wipes it away



She doesn’t know why she bothers

It’s not like anyone would see


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