The 51st Street Man

This is a great blog post that I found a while ago. It is a well written short story that I really enjoyed reading. The author did a great job with the descriptions and characterization, really placing you in the moment. You feel like you know these characters, despite having just met them. Both of the characters had a clear voice that is very easy for the reader to connect too.  But I think that the part that hit me most was the symbolism. The connections between holding hands and reaching for your hopes and dreams stayed with me long after I read the post.

Ally's Wonderland

I decided that this week, I’d post up a part of a story that I’m working on that’ll hopefully one day go somewhere if I actually try, and the scene was something that I suddenly pictured in my head for my story while we were talking in class about blogs. I’m not sure how, but it came to me, and once it did, I just had to get it down.

The noise of the familiar hustle and bustle of New York was the first thing to assault my ears as I stepped out onto the fire escape.

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