What becomes of the Broken Hearted

Since then, I’ve actually come to admire the dark and mysterious night

In the deep sea all alone, I forget how to even breathe

Parallel lines meet in the distance as the tears of the ocean waves call out  

Water will go to water

When I’m right on the verge of losing my head over you

You just leave me warm again

In your room, all words slip away as we’re together

I want to end like this, with you

I want you to know it’s our time

That I’m all yours

Your soul is the whole world

There’s no place I would rather be than with you

I didn’t know I was lonely until I saw your face

But the night ignores that wish and brings the bright morning

With your gentle and passionate kiss

Lips that shame the red, red rose

The moon begins to illuminate us


The moonlight reveals sorrow

Still, a light gently touches my cheek

The despair and the future continues to grow only intimate in the dark

With the secrets you give me

I move through the dark blue night’s stillness

Hiding my dreams within my eyes at night

Until the tears fall on my stained and broken heart

These wounds won’t seem to heal

This pain is just too real

There’s just too much that time cannot erase

When you’d cry, I’d wipe away all of your tears

When you were scared, I’d fight away all of your fears

I’ve held your hand throughout all these years

Never once had I left your side


Even if a neverending sadness steals you away

Our hearts can never be separated

I don’t care what tomorrow brings as long as I live with you

I will never forget those eyes

I’ve forgotten that I can’t win by just defending

Even when you’re not here, my memory of you never fades away

But your memory of me is beginning to

Don’t forget those days when we could feel like “goodbye” was a lie

While I was in your arms, I lost faith


No one remembers the names of the thousands of trampled flowers

Fallen birds await the next wind before they try to fly again 


If we suppose that I am not me,

How can you say with certainty that you are you?

Will you be able to pick up after yourself

Once your shield breaks and your heart crumbles into pieces?


Pain that won’t ever heal

Sadness you always feel

Scars that just refuse to fade from memory

Sometimes the burden’s too much for one to bear

Don’t give up on me, please don’t turn me away

“I’ll never smile again”

“I’ll never let love in again”

Don’t ever say such things to me

I can’t see you anymore

It hurts to even pronounce your name

In time the clouds will clear away

So just stay, please just stay

I’ve tried so hard to tell myself that you’re gone

But even when you’re with me

I’ve been alone all along

This world, where I envisioned countless skies

Will surely drive my frail heart insane

Save me

Save me from the nothing I’ve become

But when I close my eyes, I drift off to another world

In my dreams, I soared in the skies

I continue to dream for all eternity


It’s as if time has frozen

Now, wake up.




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