Little Know

They say there are things in life that you have to learn yourself.They say that the smallest things can cause the largest effects. They say that the things you don’t notice are the things that bite you. They say that people are too stubborn and lazy to fix bad habits. They say that admitting guilt is hard. They say that the struggle is real.

Recently, as the semester draws to a close, I notice my academic abilities deteriorating. Quiz and test scores aren’t as well, when they haven’t gotten any harder. My attention span grows thin. My impatience for winter break, finals, sleep and relaxation, in general, increases. I feel like the end should have came a long time ago. Sometimes, I want to go to my classes and just get free time to do other homework, sleep or eat. Most importantly, I noticed how this lack of enthusiasm causes me to be rude and impatient.

Recently, I was in my religious class. We were discussing Christmas. Christmas has been a great celebration for the world, regardless of religion. But one point stood out to me in the lesson that day. He talked about the term “X-mas.” How many people use that term? What does it mean? The first hint was how Christmas literally means “Christ mass.” For anyone who doesn’t know, mass is the name of a Christian celebration in a church; so a Christian really means they are going to mass when they say they are going to church each Sunday. Back on topic, I always had thought the “X” meant kiss, like XO means kiss and hug. Therefore, the term would be about love, for people who are not religious. However, my teacher told us, it means no, as in the X crosses out Christ. Checking out this article, I have realized that he may have been too literal. But nonetheless, his thinking has power if he gives it so.

Recently, I learned the importance of the hand. The way a hand faces others has so much meaning. In some cultures, the back of a palm is a capital offense, equivalent to the American middle finger. I am sure there are thousands of people who don’t know this and don’t understand the extent of their body language. It may not hold any importance to them, but other people hold on to their beliefs and the power of the action lives through them.

Now, putting on the philosophical helmet.

In life,we may not fully comprehend the importance of what we do. In reality, we may not understand how others feel. For reals, it’s impossible to know everything. So what you have to do is recognize what you and others give power to. If it means a lot to someone else, respect them. You may put meaning into something that others don’t. Everyone has different motives and beliefs. Essentially, you hold the power to do many things. The power to decide what defines you. Deep inside, you may have an unconscious wish, desire, that no one knows or understands, but eventually, the puzzle will be solved. And when you realize the time has come, you will feel relief. Until then, hold on my fellow friends.

Tomorrow is a promise to no one.

Out of fuel for now,


*One of my favorite songs from the RPG (role-playing game) To the Moon. Experience the story by watching it from YouTube or playing it yourself. The plot is so touching and beautiful. In a futuristic world, when you are about to die, an operation can be done where your memories are changed so that you would have remembered achieving your greatest desire and die happy.

The Trailer for To the Moon:


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