While Waiting

 As I’m writing this post, I’m sitting in a peaceful library, listening to water splashing in a nearby fountain. I’m waiting for a friend of mine to show up (she’s always late (KC)) and have nothing to do. But today, I would like to talk about books and literature in general. Funny because I’m in a library. But let’s be honest here, there are so many books that have similar concepts. The aliens, apocalypse, typical high school life, supernatural powers, Greek gods. And looking at this, you’d realize just how hard it is to not write about an idea someone else has. Even writing this post, I know that someone else in the world has already discussed clichés. So then, how do the few people in the world come up with new, original ideas?

I think it has to do with their minds. I think that in these people, they see new routes that stories can go. When I read a story, sometimes I dream of a similar plot line, but with characters that I feel fit the plot. Sometimes, there are slight tweaks. But ultimately, the concept is the same. Let me give you an example inspired to me when reading a fellow classmate’s blog.

An average high school girl is pursued by a popular boy. If she already has a crush on him, it’s already been written. If she hates him because of his popularity, it’s already been written. If she is related to him and love is forbidden, it’s already been written. If she begins to fall for him, it’s already been written. 

So many people have looked for originality, that a majority of the routes to go from the starting point have already been written. How can you venture in the unknown, if you’re in the known? How, if the known is so large, it covers everything good?

On that thought, if you really think about it, all the good, juicy plots have been taken, so that leaves the bad twisted ones. I know there are some stories that just weren’t well thought out. (AKA Catching Fire and Mockingjay are my all time worst books because there was not enough action and it was just confusing; reasons listed respectively. My opinion is not made to offend anyone.) And I think, in a sense, these are the books that are original. Funny, how it ends up to be the worst books.

In my life, I struggle to try to be original. I find it so hard. So weird too. In my struggle, sometimes I write the most confusing, messed-up piece of literature ever.  I wrote this post because I want to say how we as individuals shouldn’t be forced to be a certain way. (And I kind of made it all up as I went.) Teachers always tell us to be creative. I, myself, dislike reading the same concept over and over, though I am a hypocrite for writing so. I truly believe that there are limits. I believe that we all have certain capabilities. I know I wrote about this before, but I just wanted to write this in case people are stuck on what to write about.

When you’re stuck, write something cliché. Read it. And then slowly add your own ideas. If you can’t make it all original, make it a little. If you can’t do that, though I hate to read it, I don’t blame you. Because you and I are the same, and I wouldn’t blame myself now, would I?

I’m sleepy and hungry. Later.

Out of fuel for now,



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