Corruption at Our Feet

Look at the world around you. Around us. What do you see? Children playing in the sand? A man sleeping on the curb? A mall that’s two stories high? Countless people walking on the busy streets? What do I see? The downfall of our generation.

We say we live in a free country. Everyday, we stand up from our seats in the morning and recite the Pledge of Allegiance. But are we really free? The necessities of life: food, water, land. They’re owned by big, greedy corporations. What would we do without our local supermarkets? There’s no food on the trees that we see everyday, just leaves. There’s no drinkable water in streams and rivers. We have to pay hundreds of thousands of dollars to be able to call a house “home”. Even then, we still have to pay a monthly mortgage. We are expected to follow laws. And when we don’t, we’re placed in a jail cell where they define you as a “criminal.” Even as children, we’re expected to follow rules. Everyday, I sit in a classroom, learning about things I will never need in life. When will I have to use the quadratic formula? How will knowing about the 30 Years’ War help me through life? How does taking tests and quizzes help me with anything? I spend countless hours studying for weekly tests and quizzes that my teachers assign. They want to know how much we “know”. They don’t teach things we would actually use in life such as how to do taxes and how to apply for a job. However, our grades determine our future, but does being able to memorize something measure how intelligent you are? It shouldn’t.

Parents have viewed this video and here are their reactions.

Technology is a huge part of our generation, but it has taken over our lives. Are we really happy with our iPhones and big, fancy houses? Everyone is addicted to their iPhones and tablets. No one appreciates the world around them. I remember watching a concert on TV. I think it was the iHeartRadio Music Festival. As I’m sitting on my couch, I noticed countless people, holding their phones up to record the festival and watching it through their phones. I could even see a few girls texting each other. Why don’t they just enjoy the music? I’m pretty sure they spent hundreds of dollars on the tickets, so why would they use their phones? It’s because we’ve become hooked. When I was 9 years old, I got a flip phone. I was ecstatic. I felt like I was on top of the world. But now, I walk down the aisle of my local Walmart and see 5 year olds with an iPhone 6 in their hands. I also remember hearing on the radio that a mom tried taking her son’s iPad charger away. I didn’t hear much details about it, but the results weren’t pretty. What have we become? We are depending too much on technology. What would happen if the internet were to shut down one day and never turn back on? Take a wild guess. Well, we wouldn’t be jumping up into the air with joy, that’s for sure. I even saw some videos of kids reviewing toys from the past, such as our beloved Game Boy, and here’s what they said:

We live, we die, we lie, just like animals. However we act like we’re so much better than them. If you were to place a man and a lion in the savanna, who do you think who win? A man, who long limbs, square teeth, and short fingernails, or a lion, who has razor-sharp teeth and claws. I think we can all agree that a lion would win.  We picture ourselves on top of the food chain, but eventually, we must come to realize that we are lower on the food chain than we think we are. We kill thousands of animals everyday to feed ourselves. I remember hearing someone say, “Oh, but we need to eat meat. It’s good for us.” No. We don’t have to eat meat. Eating meat is a choice, not a law. We can completely nourish ourselves with the recommended amount of vitamins and minerals every day, just by eating fruits, vegetables, beans, and grains. Would people still eat meat if they knew what was going in the slaughterhouses? If you want to know what goes on in the slaughterhouses, I recommend watching the youtube video: If Slaughterhouses had Glass Walls. Warning: Images in the video are quite disturbing. Animals use to run free in this world. But now they’re all cooped up in tiny cages. They’re forced to live in disgusting and crowded environments so that we can eat. Children in Africa and other places in the world are starving. Yet, we choose to feed a cow instead in order for us to obtain its milk.

We’re tearing apart the world we live in. Everything we do, it’s purpose, is to get a profit out of it. But what will happen when water eventually runs out? Or when we run out of gasoline to fuel our cars and vehicles? When will we realize that what we call “money” is just a piece of paper. When the world starts to end, what good use will become of a green strip of paper. We’re destroying the planet. There’s so many topics that we aren’t making an effort to stop: global warming, deforestation, overpopulation, and many, many more. Many animal species are going extinct, not because of natural causes, but because of us. Animals are going extinct, and it’s not going to be long until it’s our turn. We wait for someone to bring change. But we never think of being the change ourselves. We didn’t survive because we’re the strongest. We didn’t survive because we’re the fastest. We survived because we worked together, as a team. Life is like a game of chess, changing with each move. You make the moves. Gandhi quoted, “Be the change you want to see in the world.” Will you write your own story or follow someone else’s? That’s up to you. We need strong leaders, not pretty faces. 

Anyways, sorry for the “the world is ending” speech. Here’s an animated video of pigeons dancing to classical music to get your mood back up. You’ll thank me later.


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