#2Recently, I noticed that I associate with some people who suffer minor bipolar personalities. One minute they’re nice and laughing with you, the next they’re ignoring, glaring, and angry at you. So how is this important? What’s came to my attention is how scary these unpredictable people can be. Being unpredictable is both a good and bad characteristic.

The good thing about unpredictable people is that they have an excuse to act in any way they want. They could be bad mouthing you on day. The next day, that person is sharing food with you. These people are so unbalanced that sometimes you don’t understand how to respond to their actions. However, you kind of predict they would be like that, so you don’t blame them.

Now, the bad thing about being unpredictable is that it is hard to build trust with the the people around you. It’s just not possible if you can turn on them any minute. A lot of people rather be safe than sorry. A lot of people want a safeground. Say a person who is known to be friendly to everyone. If this person were to be rude, you would be surprised and figure they might be stressed out. If a person were to be nice and mean, who wouldn’t be wary?

Let’s say you’re a person who is unpredictable. You let your emotions win and rage over you. Let me tell you, you are acting on instinct. This is actually a trait that animals have in nature. What? Animals are bipolar? Yeah. Duh, not all animals live in the arctic and antarctica. Ever heard of tropic rainforests? Just kidding. What I mean is when an animal is threatening. When its circle of peace get disturbed by a displeasing action, the animal could respond more violent than usual. Take for example, in The Monkey Kingdom, a monkey is taking over a group. On an everyday life, he is caring for his mate and children. As soon as an invading group comes in, the monkey is vicious and protective. Is this bad? No. Another example is mating in general. Animals of the same group can be supportive and caring for one another. But when two guys want the one girl . . . fights would be conducted and relationships put aside. Afterwards, the guys are buddies again.

So if you are an unpredictable person and you know and you’re reading this blog, you probably thinking that I’m trying to say go against your natural instincts. You are absolutely correct. I know many people say to trust your instincts, but know, even your instincts can be wrong. When people are young, some of us go through the the bratty, loud, complaining children phase. As we age, we learn that we need to take more responsibility for ourselves. We, read as some of us, learn to resist the need to shout at annoying things and to calm ourselves, so we don’t make regrettable decisions. We also sometimes, read as the other half of us always, feel the need to vent. Venting is good because it realizes raw, hot energy that could build up, but I think global warming is doing that just fine, so please, not too often if you can.

The moral of the post, learn to know when to be emotional and when to think beforehand. It is frightening when people get angry, violent, or suddenly depressed. It is is frightening when you are with people who become make a big deal over small details. Don’t be violent. Don’t always act on instinct. Don’t be so unpredictable that it is predictable you will have more enemies than friends. Don’t be like that. Learn to take note how others react to your behavior. Learn to control yourself. Learn to know when to trust your instincts. Learn to listen to what others tell you about yourself. Learn to build trust. Learn to know when you are wrong.

Out of fuel for now,

Jennifer U//Thing Two


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